Flipkart SmartBuy: Everything You Need to Know

If you are a fan of Flipkart, an online e-market that provides all types of products online, you must have heard of their Flipkart Smartbuy. If you want the highest quality of product with the lowest price tag available, you will choose Flipkart Smartbuy items. For those of you who do not know yet about Flipkart’s private brand, then here is a brief introduction to it. 

The necessity of Flipkart Smartbuy

According to Statista, there have been 1.66 billion digital buyers worldwide and with estimation to rise to 1.79 billion this 2018. And by the year 2021, there will be more than 2 billion digital buyers. But did you know that 18.5% (at least reported) of online transactions are fraud, scam, or fake products? That’s 296 million in quantity. With that shocking statistics, isn’t there supposed to be some protection for the digital buyers?

This is where Flipkart Smartbuy comes in. Aside from their basic customer protection program, Flipkart launched their version of “private brand” to help customers get the best quality of any items they have in their online store. Minimizing complains, customer grievances, and unpleasant experiences – that’s what Flipkart is trying to achieve.

Flipkart Smartbuy Features

So what makes Flipkart Smartbuy different and better than the rest of the competition? Is it much more reliable? Is it much safer than other giant e-markets have to offer? Here is what Flipkart Smartbuy is willing to give to its customers.

Quality You Can Trust

Unlike the earlier attempts to create private brands for the company, Flipkart Smartbuy took its time before it launched for the public. And even when launched, they did not rush to offer its customers all the products available in the market. They took eight months to prepare for this new brand. Flipkart collaborated with some of the top manufacturers from India and China. These manufacturers are carefully selected and are certified for quality. You can start checking latest Flipkart Smartbuy offering from the Flipkart App itself.

Features That You Want

Unlike other e-markets, Flipkart listens to what you are saying. All the feedback from all their consumers is considered and planned carefully. So that you will get the exact thing or feature that you value the most. Plus, they even have a Flipkart BuyBack Guarantee so that you can get the latest and greatest smartphone product through the value of your own smartphone.

Prices and Value

Flipkart wants that you only pay for what matters. From product features to packaging, Flipkart Smartbuy ensures that you get the value of your money with the right product that you want. They made sure that every material is of the lowest price tag but never compromising quality and expectations. With products that you can avail of installment plan without extra charge through their No Cost EMI scheme. And wait till you see the SALE events especially the Flipkart Big Billion Day.

Types of Products

From launching, Flipkart Smartbuy started with simple items such as high-speed smartphone chargers that are drop-and-break proof. There are also some other small electronic products such as power banks and other accessories such as earphones, portable Bluetooth speakers designed to withstand extreme conditions possible.
They are now also offering furniture, home and dining, and most home necessities you might need right now. From bed sheets, kitchen containers, kitchenware, and curtains are all put to strict quality control before they reach the market and delivered to customers.
All of these are expected from Flipkart Smartbuy. So with such promises and expectations, it is just fair to give this side of Flipkart a good look. If customer satisfaction is what we all look for, why not give it to the people that really work hard to deliver it to us.
In today’s question, how was your experience with Flipkart Smartbuy? Are they really what they say they are or is it just another marketing strategy? Leave your opinions and comments down below and let us know if Flipkart is living up to its promises.