Flipkart Seller Support Number & eMails – Addressing Concerns Easily

For those who want to sell at Flipkart, it is easy to contact their seller support hotline and raise your concerns. One thing great about Flipkart is that they not only focus on the buyers, but also to their sellers and other affiliates. So if you are wondering how to contact Flipkart seller support number, we will give you not just one contact hotline. We will also give you the other Flipkart numbers that might be of any help for you in the future.

Flipkart Seller Support Number and Contact Info

If you have questions or other concerns, it would be easier if you ask it to the right people. And in Flipkart’s case, they have provided a dedicated hotline for each of their department. Separating the seller’s concerns from the customer queries and complains.
Now, for those of you that belong to the Flipkart seller community, you are in the right place. This article is to provide you with all the details that you need in order to reach the Flipkart hotline. Here, your questions, queries about policies and rules, and even tips on how to properly manage your merchandise will be properly addressed. And possibly, solve the issue if it requires some fixing on the Flipkart’s side of the business.
For those sellers who have questions that need an immediate answer, here is your hotline to reach the seller’s customer service department.
Flipkart Seller Support Contact Number (Toll-Free Number India):
  • 0124-4319362
  • 080-6798-1111

Flipkart Vendor Support Phone Number

  • 080 6798 1111

Flipkart Seller Support Email:

  • sell@flipkart.com


These numbers are for sellers only. Do not use this number if you are a customer addressing customer related concerns.

Other Concerns

For those individuals or business entities that want to sell their merchandise, services, or product to Flipkart, you may use the email sell@flipkart to let them know of your portfolio and business concerns.

There have been a lot of sellers who have made it big in online selling because they put their products and services in the Flipkart market platform. So if you want the same thing for your business, big or small, you must try this to gain more success and exposure. The more your brand gets more exposure, the more likely you will earn a lot.
For other concerns such as customer complains, Flipkart promos, annual sales, and Flipkart internship, you may visit the Flipkart Homepage.
For those of you who have already tried contacting Flipkart seller support number, how did your experience fare on the rate of 1 to 10 in which 10 is the highest and excellent? Please tell us your opinions down below, we would love to read your thoughts.